Less Time 

Lower Cost

No Hassle

Now you can enjoy the convenience of tax preparation at your local retailer. You can even apply for a Cash Advance up to $6000! Hand off your documents to your preparer, check over your completed return, and sign it. Then a tax professional will review the return before sending it to the IRS.

Don’t wait weeks or months for your refund. Apply for a Cash Advance! Also, electronically filing your return early minimizes the chance that someone could steal your identity and file a return on your behalf. If a thief inflated or failed to report income or claimed false deductions, it could take months to resolve the issue with the IRS. Optional IDLockIt service for protecting identity and monitoring credit extra. (Use our Logo w/ million dollar policy.)

Our location can process all these forms:

Earned Income Tax Credit

Child care expenses

Student loan interest

Retirement plan income

Social Security income

Premium Tax Credit

Child tax credit

Mortgage interest

 e-File with deferred payment
No upfront fees! Get your refund on a
debit card or direct deposit.

 e-file with a Cash Advance
In addition to electronically filing your return, you can
apply for a Cash Advance up to $6000! A tax professional
will review your return. Advances and refunds are loaded
to a debit card. Includes Audit Protection at no
additional charge. If your return is audited, a tax
professional can review your letter, work with you to
produce the requested information, and speak to
representatives at the IRS by phone on your behalf to

Support a local business working with people you know and trust. Avoid the high costs of big box preparation. We can provide you with the contact information of a nearby ufilehere location.

Alternatively, if physical contact is limited due to a prolonged pandemic, you can send your documents to us for processing.