Easy Revenue For Your Business


We provide all the tools necessary to turn your retail location into a tax drop off service that earns revenue with little-to-no effort!

Easy Revenue For Your Business


We provide all the tools necessary to turn your retail location into a tax drop off service that earns revenue with little-to-no effort!

Start Earning More For Your Business!

Currently we are offering an opportunity to all brick-and-mortar business owners to be able to set up a tax preparation kiosk inside of their location. Business owners will be able to advertise this service as another way to generate income as well as drive foot traffic into their location. What better way to strengthen your businesses position within the community than to provide a necessary service in conjunction with services or goods already provided!

Low Hassle, Self Prepared Taxes

Our systems are designed to be the easiest and most simple way to file your taxes available. UFileHere is designed specifically with your common W2 or 1099 worker in mind and is not built to support complex tax returns ( Schedule C, Schedule E, etc) By following this business model UFileHere is able to ensure business owners that there will be no excessive time or effort needed to maintain their tax station!

Earning extra revenue for your business can be

Simple & Easy

Step 1:

Sign up to enroll your business location


Step 2:

Set up area inside of location for drop off

Step 3:

Begin accepting clients & earn revenue

A New Way To File!

UFileHere aims to bridge the gap between taxpayers who file direct and tax payers who file online. In both instances, the customer wishes to have their taxes done in the safest and quickest way possible while also making sure they are filing correctly. By providing our safe and simple to use software, at half the price of our competitors, our customers are able to have the option to either file themselves online or file and have a expert tax professional look it over. This service bridges the gap between those who are comfortable filing themselves and the customers who enjoy the peace of mind of having an expert review their return! UFileHere allows your retail location will be able to provide these essential tax services at a lower rate than the average tax office!

Generate more revenue with


Sign up TODAY to take advantage of this opportunity to expand your business’s current services and earn more revenue! 

Easy Setup

Low Maintenance Revenue

Increased foot traffic

$0 Start Up Costs! Limited Time Only

For a limited time only UFileHere is offering retail business owners the opportunity to join this amazing program at $0 start up costs! We have decided to waive these costs in hopes to removes the barriers for any motivated business owners who are ready to earn more money. Our business model is structured on finding hard-working business owners who are ready and willing to put in the work to earn more money and drive more foot traffic into their business. As long as all requirements set by UFileHere are met there will be no charge to participate in this program!

Examples of business we partner with:



Adding tax preparation promotes word-of-mouth marketing about the goods and services provided by your one-stop shop. For example, they feel like they’re getting something special with a free wash and set or manicure when using both services

Car Lots

As there is often a huge sale on vehicles around tax time, attracting customers for tax preparation allows you to showcase your inventory. While preparing a customer’s tax return, they can browse the lot. The prospect of a sizeable refund can get the customer dreaming about a new vehicle.

Check Cashing

As with other businesses, increased foot traffic means increased word of mouth advertising. Pawn stores and check cashers attract customers who want cash advances. Not only do check cashers add revenue by offering tax preparation but they also earn more from cashing advance and refund checks printed in house.

Furniture Stores

Furniture stores can add revenue by offering the service of tax preparation while the increased foot traffic sells more furniture. Imagine how many more bedroom sets you can sell when the customer is excited about their cash advance and refund checks!


How the process works

Step 1

Once you have signed up, have all necessary equipment for drop off services

Step 2.

Customer will approach your business with the appropriate tax forms

Step 3

Once customer has provided all forms, simply input the information provided into the software.

Step 4.

Business will inform customer of expected refund/taxes owed and choose disbursement option

Step 5.

Software will process and file customer tax return

Step 6.

Money will be delivered by direct deposit into customers bank or by check printable at your location