Do you own a storefront retail location with foot traffic? Businesses that have brick-and-mortar locations benefit in 2 ways by adding tax preparation. First, converting your existing customer base makes it easy to build a new revenue stream. Avoid the biggest challenges entrepreneurs starting tax businesses incur. Second, we share ideas for incentivizing your existing customers to provide referrals who can experience the other products and services your business offers.

Places where customers spend time performing other tasks are great locations to add this service. People can do laundry or shop for groceries while their returns are being prepared. We’ve facilitated mini-mart and gas station owners to provide tax preparation services in all their locations. Click the links on these other examples to see how tax preparation services grow these businesses.

As there is often a huge sale on vehicles around tax time, attracting customers for tax preparation allows you to showcase your inventory. While preparing a customer’s tax return, they can browse the lot. The prospect of a sizeable refund can get the customer dreaming about a new vehicle. Dealerships can provide a Power of Attorney agreement for the customer to sign over their cash advance check to be applied to the down payment of the vehicle. This service locks the customer into purchasing from your dealership.

Car Lots

As with other businesses, increased foot traffic means increased word of mouth advertising. Pawn stores and check cashers attract customers who want cash advances. Not only do check cashers add revenue by offering tax preparation but they also earn more from cashing advance and refund checks printed in house.

Check Cashiers

Large ticket item retailers benefit from adding tax preparation services because it encourages customers to spend their refunds in house. Furniture stores can add revenue by offering the service of tax preparation while the increased foot traffic sells more furniture. Imagine how many more bedroom sets you can sell when the customer is excited about their cash advance and refund checks!

Furniture Stores

Adding tax preparation promotes word-of-mouth marketing about the goods and services provided by your one-stop shop. We can help with ideas for incentivizing customers to refer their family and friends for all of your services. For example, they feel like they’re getting something special with a free wash and set or manicure when using both services.

Barbershops and Beauty Salons

Drop Off Centers Include:

Fast Refund In 12 to 24 Hours

Tax Returns Filed in 15 Minutes

Every Customer Gets A Debit Card

Banners & Posters available


Companies like Walmart have tax preparation locations on-site because high-traffic locations are profitable. 1040TaxBiz makes it easy and affordable to compete with large box companies. We provide everything you need including software, tax law training, and marketing assistance. Services packages vary from assisting you with questions about a return to completing it after you’ve entered the basic customer data.

It is a lucrative add-on service for any brick-and-mortar location with foot traffic. We’re here year-round to help you and your customer with questions about their return or refund. Call now to integrate our tax preparation service into your business to maximize your revenue efforts for the upcoming season.

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